With Bells On is all about bells, in North America and beyond, in the past and in the future. For over a millennium bells have defined and symbolized communities and their values. Here and now, we pay less attention to bells because of our lack of knowledge, loud urban soundscapes, and solitary listening devices. We can reclaim the relevance of bells by sharing their histories and expanding their purpose–resonating with diverse communities of today.

I am an avid bell researcher and carillon performer. My bell interest is an affliction that I can’t shake, and I’ve done everything from performing, teaching, consulting, lecturing, writing, and researching bells to assuage it. I’ve endured climbing rickety ladders, despite my fear of heights, and walking in belfries covered in bird droppings, all for the love of bells. Contact me for a historical report on your bells, or for a bell lecture in Chicagoland or anywhere via video conference.