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What’s hidden in those towers? Read our blog or check out our map to discover notable bells in Chicago. Hire us for help on repair, research, instruction, and programming of your bells.

Hire Us

Do you want advice on how to obtain bells for your community, church, school, or university? Do you need help on restoring or renovating your existing bells? Contact us—the Chicago Bell Advocates—for help!

The Chicago Bell Advocates is an organization dedicated to ensuring the good maintenance and use of tower bells in the Chicago area. We are interested in all kinds of tower bells—carillons, chimes, peals, rings, zvons, and single bells too. Continue reading “Hire Us”

Bell Tours

Our next tour will take place on Saturday, September 23rd, organized by Soho House Chicago. This tour is for Soho members only, but please check back soon for more dates. Or become a member of Soho House!


The Chicago Bell Advocates are teaming up with WendyCity Tours to show you the fascinating world of Chicago’s tower bells. These hidden treasures are the sound of the Chicago skyline, yet few people get to see them. This is your opportunity to play Quasimodo and visit the massive musical instruments high above the Chicago streets. We’ll travel together by van to three bell towers and learn about the history and significance of these singing towers. Continue reading “Bell Tours”


Chicago Bell Map

Special thanks to Carl Zimmerman at TowerBells.org for all his bell info and maps of North American carillons, chimes, and rings, which contributed to my own Chicago map.