The Continental Odyssey of a Paul Revere Bell

green lawn box beside bottles and window

My personal highlights from this bell's journey: The soft heart of Jeannene Shanks for the bell, saving it from a fate as a dumbbellReviving the tradition of ringing for the Fourth of July, one garage at a time!The enterprising research of the Shank family to find the bell's originsBells symbolize our shared history and country!The … Continue reading The Continental Odyssey of a Paul Revere Bell

Ringing for Climate Change Action

climate road landscape people

Today’s Youth Climate Change Strike has captured the attention of the world, as well it should! My support goes out to them for real transformation at the national and global level to mitigate the environmental catastrophe awaiting us. And I’m pleased that faith communities from Cape Cod in Massachusetts will ring out their support of … Continue reading Ringing for Climate Change Action

Value of Bells: Public Sound Art

a stone made campanile

I have already touched on the third value of bells for us today—as public sound art. The sounds of tower bells are the aural equivalent to the visual arts on display in public. As public visual arts provide an aesthetic experience for the entire community, so the same goes for the sounds, and in particular … Continue reading Value of Bells: Public Sound Art

Value of Bells: Soundmark

R. Murray Schafer (no relation) coined the term soundmark, meaning a sound unique to an area, analogous to a landmark. Taking it a step further, Schafer argued that soundmarks should be preserved, since they define the acoustics of the surrounding community. And I agree! Tower bells fit this description. Bells are not so ubiquitous (at … Continue reading Value of Bells: Soundmark

Value of Bells: Serendipitous Beauty

photo of church tower

For the next few days, I’ll post on the most important reasons for bells in our current time. I look forward to your responses in the comments! One reason I think tower bells are important today is the occasion they provide for serendipitous beauty. A passerby is walking along, minding her own business, when she … Continue reading Value of Bells: Serendipitous Beauty

Kindred Spirits

Up in Quebec, kindred spirits--Daniel Désormiers, Steffen Jowett, François Mathieu, and Michael Rowan--are also advocating for tower bells. A few quotes from an interview struck me. Rev. G. Malcolm Sinclair of the Metropolitan United in downtown Toronto says, "Instead of people saying, ‘We are part of this community, and the church speaks for us,’” soon, he says, … Continue reading Kindred Spirits

Let Freedom Ring!

Now there are a lot of bell happenings that I find awesome, but this one takes the cake…this is AWESOME. A mentor (thanks Kimberley Rudd!) of mine tuned me into the Let Freedom Ring! campaign of the First Baptist Church in Williamsburg, Virginia for Black History Month. The historic black church has had a bell … Continue reading Let Freedom Ring!