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Do you want advice on how to obtain bells for your community, church, school, or university? Do you need help on restoring or renovating your existing bells? Contact us—the Chicago Bell Advocates—for help!

The Chicago Bell Advocates is an organization dedicated to ensuring the good maintenance and use of tower bells in the Chicago area. We are interested in all kinds of tower bells—carillons, chimes, peals, rings, zvons, and single bells too.

Our consultation services include:

  • General technical requirements for the installation and renovation of bells
  • Detailed historical information on your bells
  • Programming and marketing plans to promote your bells

Other services we provide include:

  • Musical instruction on carillons and chimes
  • Performances on carillons and chimes
  • Basic maintenance on bell-ringing mechanisms

Contact us today for help with any of these issues with your bells. We can draw up a business plan that will lead to well-maintained bells that beautifully symbolize and promote your institution to your direct community and beyond.

Contact Kim at: schaferk80 [at] gmail.

We look forward to working with you!

Team members


Kim Schafer is a dedicated bell advocate, performer, and researcher. I fell in love with bells when I witnessed a fellow student play the carillon at the University of Michigan many years ago. After that experience, I vowed to learn how to play the carillon, and now I primarily perform in the Chicago area at St. Chrysostom’s Episcopal Church. My fascination with the history of bells led me to research carillons at American universities in the mid-20th-century for my doctoral musicology dissertation. My evolving interest in bells has led me to a new advocacy role: I promote the beautiful sound, rich associations, and future potential of bells and bell instruments in North America.

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Jim Fackenthal is a Chicago-area free-lance musician and scientific consultant. He is the former Associate Carillonneur at the University of Chicago where he also worked as a cancer researcher, and currently plays the carillons in Moser Tower in Naperville, IL, and St. Chrysostom’s Episcopal Church in Chicago. Fackenthal began carillon studies with David Caldwell at the University of Rochester in 1984, and two years later became a Carillonneur Member of the Guild of Carillonneurs in North America (GCNA). Since then he has played numerous carillon recitals throughout North America. He is currently an active member of the piano program and the Early Music Ensemble at the University of Chicago, where he plays various string and wind instruments. He holds a bachelor’s degree in biology/geology from the University of Rochester and a Ph.D. in molecular biology from Indiana University. Fackenthal is a former member of the GCNA Board of Directors, has served as a juror on the GCNA Examination Committee and is the former co-editor of the GCNA publication “Carillon News.”

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Dan Frysinger is an innovation strategist, helping both fortune 500s and nonprofits create new products and solve social issues. He learned carillon at the University of Michigan where he also developed a marketing plan for the carillon program. As founder of the Auxiliary Board that promotes the nonprofit Chicago Cares, Dan is similarly passionate about how carillon programs promote and strengthen the congregations and student bodies that own them.